complete tenant screening solutions

Tenant Screening

Not all tenants pay on time. Or at all. Landlords, property managers, and real estate agents know that there is always a risk of facing unpleasant situations involving the tenant, either because they can no longer afford to pay the monthly rent and break the lease or they use the residential space for purposes other than those agreed upon. The list of such examples is long.

By carefully checking your applicants, you can reduce the chance of costly evictions and property damage. Screeningwise offers a tenant verification and profiling service to help landlords and real estate agencies. We aim to help you make an informed and documented decision in choosing a future tenant. At the global level, studies show us that profiling services reduce by up to 70% the risks that can lead to subsequent contractual inconveniences.

Minimize Your Risks and Secure Success

Get a complete picture of potential tenants by looking beyond credit checks so you can make better decisions. Using a reliable tenant screening service to verify an applicant’s credit, income, rental history, eviction history, and a criminal record can make all the difference in terms of minimizing risks. Keep in mind that Fair Credit Reporting Act’s (FCRA) restrictions and regulations apply when accessing this kind of private information, so choose your tenant screening service provider wisely.

Screeningwise is an industry leader in screening services, and our tenant screening solutions can help landlords, real estate agencies, and property managers to find only the best possible applicants, and eliminate the worst. With our support, you will get tenants who treat your property with care, pay on time and stay for longer, minimizing risks and increasing revenue.