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Pre-employment background checks.

Employee Screening

At Screeningwise, we are well aware of the fact that the act of recruiting can be both time-consuming and costly.

We aim to help you find the best candidate for the job the first time around. With the help of our employer background checks, you can be confident that the employees you bring on board are honest and have the credentials they claim to have. Employers and organizations can avoid liability for negligent hiring claims and litigation if they do thorough background checks on potential employees.

Bad hires can negatively affect an organization, such as increased costs and decreased productivity. Pre-employment screening is necessary to identify competent individuals from a pool of applications.

In addition to reducing risks and preserving your company’s good name, doing background checks enables you to create a workforce that you can trust. Using pre-employment background checks throughout the recruiting process helps you make judgments that are just and based on accurate information and hire qualified applicants. At the same time, you can ensure a safe working environment for all your employees and guard the organization’s assets.

Significant effort and resources are invested in recruiting and onboarding new employees. Selecting the incorrect applicant is expensive. Screening candidates can aid in avoiding high costs and time wastage.

Screeningwise is committed to providing you with reliable and cost-effective employee screening services so that you may make the best hiring decisions.

  • Credit & Identity: Establish your applicant’s identity, address history and personal responsibility.
  • Criminal Records: If your candidate has been convicted of a felony or serious misdemeanor, youʼll want to know the details.
  • Substance Abuse: Insulate your organization from workplace accidents, violence and rising health care costs.
  • Driver’s Records: Determine eligibility for driving a company vehicle for business use.
  • Education: Confirm information provided on a resume or job application.
  • Terrorist Watchlist: Search the FBI and OFAC’s list of wanted criminals and terrorists in the United States